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Our Favorites - Bourbon Whisky

We like to share our list of favorites (for all kinds of stuff) to save you time and share some "expertise".

So let's talk Bourbon whiskies - our favorites! And it's not just us talking, as these are all highly top-rated by just about every Bourbon listing you'll find.

Each recommendation below has taste scores of 92 points or higher (by Wine Spectator or the Beverage Tasting Institute) and are priced around $25 - $80 per bottle range; all depending upon where you live of course.

There are hundreds of different kinds of Bourbon out there, so save yourself some time and just start here. Then experiment until you find what you really like. You can and will enjoy excellent flavors without breaking the bank.

Our Favorite Bourbon Whisky List

  1. Woodford Resserve

  2. Four Roses Small Batch

  3. Two Star

  4. Basil Hayden's Straight

  5. Maker's Mark

  6. 1792 Sweet Wheat Straight

  7. Old Forester 1920

  8. Bookers Straight

  9. Bulleit

  10. Blanton's Single Barrel

  11. King's County Peated

  12. Knob Creek Straight

  13. Elijah Craig Small Batch

  14. Eagle Rare 10

  15. Evan Williams Single Barrel

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And like we always say, the best drink in the world,

is the drink that YOU like most, because everyone's palate is different.

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