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Our Favorites - Japanese Whisky

We like to share our list of favorites (for all kinds of stuff) to save you time and share some "expertise".

So let's talk Japanese whiskies and if your new to these, they're very similar to Scotch, because the Japanese started their distilleries and production by studying Scotch. In fact, even today, Scotch malt is often imported into Japan for their production process, but hold on, we're kind of geeking out on whisky trivia.

Ok, so let's cut to the chase, these are all great whiskies - offering various flavors and intensity much like the different regions of Scotch. And our list of favorites are similar to other top ratings out there from Forbes, Whisky Magazine, Wine Spectator and others. The point is this, save yourself some time and just start here.

Our Favorite Japanese Whisky List (sorted alpha)

  1. Eigashima’s White Oak Akashi

  2. Hakushu 12

  3. Hibiki Japanese Harmony

  4. Ichiro’s Malt - The Colored Joker

  5. Karuizawa 15

  6. Mars Komagatake

  7. Nikka Coffey Grain & Nikka Coffey Malt

  8. Nikka from the Barrel

  9. Suntory Chita Grain

  10. Suntory Toki

  11. Taketsuru 17

  12. Tokiwa Iwai

  13. Yamazaki 12 and 18

  14. Yamazaki Sherry Cask

  15. Yoichi 12

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And like we always say, the best drink in the world,

is the drink that YOU like most, because everyone's palate is different.

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