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Our Favorites - Cheeseburgers across USA

We like to share our list of favorites (for all kinds of stuff) to save you time and share some "expertise".

So let's talk cheeseburgers! What guy doesn't like a big juicy burger slathered in cheese, covered with bacon, topped with a fried egg, onion strips, ranch dressing...oh sorry, getting a little excited here!

So check this list out, below are the top cheeseburger joints from around the USA, according to Yelp 2017.

And I can tell you from my own personal experience that #1, #4, #9, #12, #14, #15 and #19 are damn good! Looks like I need to hit a few more states to try the rest.

Top Ranked Cheeseburger Joints across the USA - by Yelp, 2017

  1. Bunz in Huntington Beach, California

  2. Daddy O's Rockin Cafe in Upland, California

  3. Jennie's Smoked Burgers and Tornado Fries in Fredericksburg, Texas

  4. Au Cheval in Chicago, Illinois

  5. Nic's Grill in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  6. Sparky's Burgers, BBQ & Espresso in Hatch, New Mexico

  7. Billy Bob's Dairyland in Branson, Missouri

  8. Island Ono Loa Grill in Kailua-Kona, HawaiiArlo's in Austin, Texas

  9. Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah

  10. Santa Fe Bite in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  11. Green Dot Stables in Detroit, Michigan

  12. District Donuts Sliders Brew in New Orleans, Louisiana

  13. Bad Daddy's Burger Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina

  14. Portillo's Hot Dogs & Barnelli's Salad Bowl in Chicago, Illinois

  15. Kopp's Frozen Custard in Glendale, Wisconsin

  16. Memphis Mojo Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee

  17. Pigwich in Kansas City, Missouri

  18. 1608 Crafthouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia

  19. 112 Eatery in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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And like we always say, the best burger in the world,

is the one that YOU like most, because everyone's palate is different.

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